Environmental Sustainability Policy


At Gorditas, we are steadfast in our commitment to mitigate our carbon footprint and foster environmental sustainability. Recognizing our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations, we have designed this policy to guide our actions towards minimizing emissions and promoting sustainable practices in our operations. This policy aligns with our objectives of avoiding food waste, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting the use of public transportation, and training our staff to conserve water.

Policy Statements

1. Avoiding Food Waste

1.1 Optimized Inventory Management: Implement an optimized inventory management system to prevent overstocking and reduce the chances of food waste.

1.2 Food Waste Reduction Training: Train staff in food waste reduction strategies, including portion control and proper storage of ingredients.

1.3 Community Engagement: Engage with the local community to distribute surplus food, thus avoiding waste and supporting local food banks and shelters.

2. Promoting the Use of Public Transport

2.1 Public Transport Incentives: Offer incentives to employees who use public transportation for commuting, including subsidizing public transport passes.

2.2 Awareness Campaigns: Launch awareness campaigns to educate employees about the environmental benefits of using public transportation.

2.3 Flexible Working Hours: Introduce flexible working hours to allow employees to use public transportation more conveniently, avoiding peak hours.

3. Using Electric Vehicles for Deliveries

3.1 Transition to Electric Vehicles: Gradually transition our delivery fleet to electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3.2 Collaboration with Green Logistics Providers: Collaborate with logistics providers who prioritize the use of electric vehicles for deliveries.

3.3 Charging Infrastructure: Establish charging infrastructure at our facilities to support the use of electric vehicles.

4. Purchasing Energy-Efficient Equipment

4.1 Procurement of Energy-Efficient Equipment: Prioritize the purchase of energy-efficient equipment for our operations to reduce energy consumption.

4.2 Energy Efficiency Training: Train staff on the proper use and maintenance of equipment to ensure energy efficiency.

4.3 Energy Efficiency Audits: Conduct regular energy efficiency audits to identify opportunities for further improvements.

5. Training Staff to Reduce Water Waste

5.1 Water Conservation Training: Implement training programs for staff to educate them on water conservation practices.

5.2 Water-Efficient Technologies: Install water-efficient technologies in our facilities to reduce water waste.

5.3 Water Usage Monitoring: Monitor water usage regularly to identify and rectify any instances of water wastage.


Accountability and Responsibility: Assign clear roles and responsibilities for the implementation of this policy, fostering a sense of accountability among all employees.

Continuous Improvement: Establish mechanisms for continuous improvement, encouraging employees to propose innovative solutions to further reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of policy implementation, making necessary adjustments to enhance its effectiveness.


Gorditas is committed to being a leader in environmental sustainability. Through the implementation of this policy, we aim to contribute positively to our community and the environment. We call upon our employees, partners, and stakeholders to support us in this endeavor, working together towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.